Zinc It Aerosol 400ml 2085 CRC DG

by CRC
$26.60 excl GST

Features & Benefits

Zinc-rich – 95% highest purity zinc in the dried film, fuses directly to iron or steel surfaces

Same advantages as hot-dip galvanising – Exceptional rust protection

Excellent adhesive qualities – Forms a tough coat for long-term protection

Easy application – High film build in one step

Heavy-duty – Resistant to salt corrosion, water and heat. Powerful protection in harsh conditions

High Heat Resistance – Up to 500°C

Long-term corrosion protection – Corrosion Protection Factor 72 (up to 6 years outdoors, depending on

Sacrificial anodisation of Zinc – Stops rust and rust creepage even when scratched, abraded or dented

Fast drying – Touch dry in 20 minutes, recoat
immediately, full cure in 24 hours

Easy re-application over existing film and/or clean surfaces – For ongoing protection

Finish coat – Can act as the finish coat, no need for primer

Excellent primer – May be over-coated with most
standard protective paint systems for metal

Ready to Use Aerosol – No additional mixing or
chemical additives required. Easy application. No clean up.

Does not contain CFCs, methylene chloride

Excellent weldability

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