Wheel Bearing Lock Nut Wrench YF-6325 Adjustable

by Rico
$240.77 excl GST

Adjustable Wheel Bearing Lock Nut Wrench
This is a must have for any shop or mobile repair truck. Don't get caught without the correct size socket again. Adjustable jaws to suit both 6 point and 8 point wheel bearing lock nuts from 1. 3/4" (45mm) to 5 5/8" (145mm) Set includes three sets of pins to suit lock nuts with pin holes.
Design features a locking mechanism to ensure jaws are ridged to prevent slipping on narrow locknuts.
Set includes 1/2" drive and 3/4" Drive adapters.

A Universal fitting, the "Adjustable" Wheel Bearing Lock Nut Wrench is suitable for removing adjustable wheel bearing lock nuts found on most commercial vehicles
• Offers Max. 500 ft/lbs of Torque (69mkg)

Works with 6pt Lock Nuts: 1-3/4" To 5-1/4"(49-135mm) Across The Flats
• And 8pt Lock Nuts: 1-3/4" To
5.5/8"(49-143mm) Across The Flats
• Pin
Diameters:1/4"(6mm), 5/16"(8mm), 3/8"(10mm)

Adjustable jaws with locking feature to suit both hexagon & octagon wheel bearing lock nuts

One Year Replacement warranty

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