Ultra High Strength Aerosol 8180 550ml DG

$23.15 excl GST
Brand ADOS
Chemical Composition Cyclohexane; Acetone; Hydrocarbon Propellant
Color White Foam; Clear (Dries)
Container Size 550 ml
Container Type Aerosol Can
Coverage 1 m²/L
Flammability Highly Flammable
Flash Point -81 °C
Operating Temperature Range -20 to +75 °C
Physical Form Liquid
Product Type Ultra High Strength Aerosol Adhesive
Solubility Partly Miscible
Working Time 5 to 10 min
ADOS F38 is an outstanding heat resistant contact adhesive capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 175°C. It is especially suited to areas where very high heat is encountered and where surfaces are exposed to direct sunlight. It has a short tack time and the instant bond necessitates small areas to be worked at any time.  ADOS F38 is versatile and may be applied using a brush, roller, air driven sprayer or airless spray equipment.

High Heat Resistance : Up to 175°C, used in areas where temperature is a factor.
Easy to Use - Range of application methods. Can be sprayed, brushed or rolled.
Colour (Red) : Greater visibility of coverage.
Colour (Clear) : Ideal for seam joints.

USES : It has exceptional performance for making bonds with: Bench top - laminates - head linings in cars - sound deadening and thermal insulation materials - polyurethane foam - metals - ceiling tiles - veneer - plasterboard - concrete - fibreglass - particle boards - timber - carpets - cork - plastics - cardboard - fabrics - leather - weather seals - some cloth backed vinyls - PVC skirting - some rubbers.
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