Torque Angular Gauge 1/2"Dr Rico

by Rico
$34.39 excl GST

Torque angle meters, or torque angle gauges, are designed to ensure that the "tightness" among fasteners on a given component is equal.
Torque angle meters are calibrated in degrees instead of foot-pounds of torque.
Tightening by angle of degrees rather than torque pounds per foot removes any error produced by friction in the threads of the fasteners.
Torque Angle / Angular Gauge are for use on some vehicles, where automotive manufacturers specify both torque and angle settings.
Where it is required to turn the fastener a specified number of degrees after initial torque is set.
The gauge takes the guesswork out of tightening by
indicating the number of degrees that the fastener is turned on a large, easy-to-read scale.

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