Plier Crimping Tool Set 6 Pce Interchangeable 0.50-10.0mm Toptul GAA10605

by Toptul
$246.40 excl GST
Crimping tool set with ratcheting function and adjustable jaws.
Ratcheting mechanism.
Quick insertion changes of jaw without any tool.
Ergonomic comfort-grip handle Steel crimping jaws - AISI 4140
Set includes 5 exchangeable crimping jaws
-Insulated terminal ends DIN 0.5-6mm
-Non-insulated terminal ends DIN 1.5-10mm
-Open-barrel terminal ends DIN 0.5-6mm
-Insulated cord-end terminal ends DIN 0.5-4mm (for small size)
-Insulated cord-end terminal ends DIN 6-16mm (for large size)
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