TNMG160408-MF3 TP3501 Insert

by Seco
$20.22 excl GST

TP3501 - Duratomic® technology coated grade. Enhanced edge toughness still with the characteristic high wear
resistance intended for versatile performance in turning applications in steels as well as stainless steels
especially including interrupted cuts.
Ti(C,N) + Al2O3 + Used Edge Detection (Chrome)

-MF3 Chipbreaker: Chipbreaker with positive cutting rake angle intended for moderately difficult stainless steel. The MF3 is also intended for light roughing in relatively soft, “tacky” steel and difficult to machine stainless steel if the depth of cut is limited. MF3 can also be used for finishing of cast iron.
Indicative machining range: f = 0,2–0,4 mm/rev, ap = 1–4 mm.

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