TNMG160408-M5 TM2000 Insert

by Seco
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TM2000 is the most wear-resistant of the grades intended for machining of stainless steel. The higher wear
resistance offers higher speed capability. Ti(C,N) + Al2O3 DURATOMIC®

A reliable semi-finishing to medium roughing chipbreaker ensuring safe chip flow. Suitable for medium cuts in steel and stainless steels application including boring.

-M5 Chipbreaker - The choice for roughing by means of double-sided inserts. Intended for demanding operations at high feed rates in steel. stainless steel and cast iron. Combines high edge strength with comparatively low cutting forces.
Indicative machining range: f = 0,3-0,7 mm/rev,ap = 1,5-7,0 mm.

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