TCMT16T308-M3 TM3501

by Seco
$19.14 excl GST
TM3501 peaks in a variety of component sizes and in difficult alloys stretching from duplex to complex, high-alloyed super-duplex stainless steel

M3 Chipbreaker: First choice for medium-rough machining and also the most versatile Seco chipbreaker. In most cases, it is the only chipbreaker needed. Offers the best useful life and best chipbreaking in a wide range of cutting data and workpiece materials. Suitable for precision forged and cast workpieces (NNS or Near Net Shape workpieces) as regards both chip control and edge strength.
Indicative machining range: f = 0,15-0,50 mm/rev, ap = 0,5-5,0 mm.

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