Taster Analogue 3D Probe 007 Zero Pointer Finder

by Haff & Schneider
$746.00 excl GST
Enables you to find your exact zero point in all 3 axes within seconds. In two new models these are indispensable time saving precision instruments for all NC machines, machining centres and EDM machines. Both with rugged metal compact housing and long electrically insulated stylus. Has just the one scale for radial & axial measurement, simple to calibrate and adjust, a large measuring range in all directions, and IP67 water proof rated.

Shank dia : 16mm
Reading : .01mm
Deflection X/Y/Z (mm) : 6.6/6.6/6.6
Overall Length (incl Shank) : 174mm
Stylus : 4mm dia x 31mm, screw-in

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