Surface Hardening Compound 1lb Cheery Red Replaces Kasenit

$188.98 excl GST
Case Hardening Powder.
Use this for low carbon steels that you want a harder exterior surface on.
Case hardening on often found on lower cost files and has been used in the metal industry almost since the start of modern metal working.
Cherry Red instantly case hardens steel parts with no special heat-treating equipment required.
Quickly and easily impart a hard case to steel tools, dies, gears, machined parts, metalworking parts, blades, and other wear parts.
Contains no cyanide
Thoroughly heat the part to cherry red in color. Be sure the part (or section of the part to be hardened) is completely heated for best results.
Coat part in Cherry Red compound.
Cover all surfaces to be hardened.
Compound will blister and harden.
Reheat part to cherry red color.
Quench in water, oil, or let cool and brush off excess compound.
Cherry Red is water soluble and excess can be removed with water and a little brushing.

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