SNMG120408-M6 TP1501 Insert

by Seco
$23.00 excl GST

TP1501 - Duratomic® technology coated grade. Highly heat and wear resistant grade extremely well suited for
productive general turning of steels and a useful backup in other material groups.
Ti(C,N) + Al2O3 + Used Edge Detection (Chrome)

-M6 Chipbreaker: Strong double-sided chipbreaker, intended for semi-roughing and roughing of steel. A well-balanced design combining excellent chip control and relatively low cutting forces which provides reliable cutting action in both continuous as well as interrupted cuts. Well suited also for machining of ferritic and martensitic stainless steels.
Indicative machining range: f = 0,2-0,8 mm/rev, ap = 1,0-7,0 mm

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