Simple Green Anti Spatter 946ml Trigger Bottle SG13452

by Simple Green
$20.50 excl GST

Simple Green® Anti-Spatter is the easy solution to protect your welding equipment and projects from unwanted spatter.
It is cost effective, solvent-free and safe for aluminium and steel. Non-flammable and non-hazardous, Simple Green Anti Spatter is plating & painting safe and contains no Silicone.

Reduce costly, time-consuming spatter removal. Just spray Simple Green Anti-Spatter on areas to be protected from spatter: nozzles, diffusers & tips, and surfaces adjacent to weld. After welding, rinse with water and dry prior to plating or painting.


• Non-Flammable

• No Silicone

• Non-Corrosive

• Plating & Painting Safe

• Readily Biodegradable

• Non-Hazardous

• Ready-to-Use


• Cost-effective, safer & solvent-free spatter release solution

• Use to protect welding equipment, jigs & work surfaces

• Safe for aluminium & steel

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