SD105-12.50/12.99-65-20R5 Crownloc Drill Body

by Seco
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12.5m - 12.99mm Dia Crownloc Drill Body. 5xD Drilling Depth. 20mm Shank.<p>

Crownloc® is our high quality range of exchangeable tip drills, designed to offer high quality holes at a lower cost. Crownloc® features a coated drill body, a large range of optimised tip geometries for different applications, a lower cost per cutting edge, no regrinding costs and a consistent tool life. Customer benefits are: High productivity - Low cost per cutting edge allows high cutting speeds - Crown with different geometries for optimised cutting data High flexibility - Different geometries for different work piece materials - Large range of drill crown diameters, geometries and drill body lengths - P geometry for drilling in steel - M geometry for drilling in stainless steel, hardened steel and super alloys - K geometry for drilling in cast iron High hole quality - Crowns with long land margins - excellent guidance - Self-centering geometry - no need for centre drilling operations Cost effectiveness - Long, predictable tool life - No regrinding costs - Reduced inventory, reduced administration - High productivity

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