RTV Silicone Neutral Cure 8360 Ados 300gm

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Brand ADOS
Chemical Composition Silicone Polymer
Color Translucent
Container Size 310 ml
Container Type Cartridge
Cure Time 2 days
Curing Method Neutral (Oxime)
Density 1.04
Dynamic Joint Movement ±25 %
Hardness 20 to 35 Shore A
Peel Strength 2.9 kN/m
Physical Form Non Slump Paste
Product Type Neutral Cure Silicone
Relative Density 1.035 to 1.045
Sag/Slump <1 mm
Service Temperature Range -60 to +150 °C
Tack Free Time 20 min
Tensile Strength ≥1 MPa
Tooling Time 6 to 20 min
Vapour Density >1
Volatile Component <8 %
ADOS RTV Silicone Neutral Cure is a single component, fast curing, room temperature vulcanising silicone. It is a weather resistant sealant that is translucent allowing it to blend into its surrounding surfaces. It is a flexible silicone that can be used to glaze, seal and waterproof. It is safe to use on all metals.

Contractors grade silicone.
Neutral (non-acetic) cure.
Adheres to most surfaces.
Does not shrink when curing.
Single component, fast curing silicone.
Forms a flexible weatherproof seal.
Excellent adhesion to concrete, painted and plastered surfaces, galvanized or zinc coates steel.
Resists cracking, shrinking and vibration.
Bridges gaps up to 8mm.

Provides excellent adhesion to metals, galvanized or zinc coated steel, glass, aluminium and ceramics.
Metal to concrete in perimeter sealing.
Curtainwall sealing.
Plastic to metal in glazing applications.
Draft proofing.
Plastic to metal in curtainwall assemblies.
Butt or lap shear joints.
Weather sealing.
Roof repairs.
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