Silicone Grease 500gm MX22 Y421510 Rocol Sapphire

by Rocol
$88.03 excl GST
A non-melting silicone grease for long term lubrication at extremes of temperature. Sapphire Silicone grease is resistant to chemicals, oils and gases and is suitable as a multi-functional silicone grease that can be used as an electrical insulating and filling compound.Suitable for lubricating rubber seals and '0' rings as it will not affect polymeric material. Areas of Application: Low speed bearings Slides and adjustment spindles & bull; Rubber seals and '0' rings Tapware for potable water Features & Benefits Wide temperature range -40 to +200 degrees C with short periods to +220 degrees C Excellent high temperature resistance Resistant to chemicals, oils, water and gases Does not affect most rubbers and plastics > Approved by the UK Water Research Council for use with potable water NZ MAF Approved C 15 (fish, game, meat)
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