Rocol Nickel Anti-Seize Spray 350gm Y480455 DG

by Rocol
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Aerosol spray for stainless steel components.
Prevention of seizure of threaded components that are subjected to extremely high temperatures or adverse environmental conditions for long periods of time.
Nickel Anti-Seize Spray has application on most surfaces subject to long term fretting and corrosion.
• Stainless steel fasteners
• Industrial fasteners
Features & Benefits:

Excellent anti-seize properties due to high solids content (>35%)

Excellent adhesion properties

Protects against wet conditions and chemical attack
• Contains no sulphur or copper

Provides anti-seize properties up to 1400 degrees C
• Aids assembly and dismantling under heavy loads

NZ MAF Approved C14 (fish, game, meat)

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