MOISTUREGUARD Spray 300gm Y612172 Rocol (Green) DG

by Rocol
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Indoor corrosion penetrative aerosol spray that displaces moisture and provides an ultra thin film which remains soft and gives complete corrosion protection in conditions of high humidity.
Moistureguard spray does not interfere with the assembly of precision or interference fit parts, or with gauging and measurement during inspection, so that removal is not normally necessary.
The thin semi-dry film contains a blue dye for easy identification and can be removed by normal petroleum solvents such as white spirit, mineral turps or normal degreasing solvents.
The almost dry film is easily handled, protects against fingerprint corrosion and also provides residual
lubrication for assembly.
Steel stock - Machined components - Moulding dies - Press tools - Hand tools - Machine tools
Fetures & Benefits:
Provides corrosion protection indoor for up to 6 months Excellent penetration and dewatering properties
Thin film does not interfere with precision assemblies NZ MAF Approved C22 (fish, game, meat)

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