Chain & Drive Spray 300gm Y442352 Rocol DG

by Rocol
$29.96 excl GST

Chain lubricant spray.
Based on heat-resisting oil combined with colloidal molybdenum disulphide designed for use on all types of chains.
For the lubrication of chain and drive systems not fitted with automatic lubrication systems.
The aerosol method of application ensures penetration to the pins and bushes of roller chains, while the excellent lubricating qualities of the additive ensures minimum wear of chains and sprockets.
Drive chains - Steering chains - Conveyor chains - Hoist chains - Forklift chains - Motorbike chains
Features & Benefits:
Penetrates to the pins and bushes
Residual film will not drip or throw off
Minimum pickup of surface dirt and fibres
Can be applied to moving chains
Water resistant - Jet spray for easy application
NZ MAF Approved C 12 (fish, game, meat)

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