SVS Clean & Strip Disc 125x22.23 PROline

by Rhodius
$16.38 excl GST

• Does not damage material
• High cleaning performance
Non-woven disc for high cleaning performance and powerful stock removal.

The cleaning nylon discs are made of coarsely structured,hard nylon.
The nylon structure adapts to the contours of the workpiece to ensure thorough cleaning.
There is no geometric change to the surface since only foreign materials such as rust and discolourations are removed.
No residues are left on the workpiece.
Suitable for use on High tensile steels, Structural steels,Tool steels, Non-ferrous metals, Body filler,GFK & Wood.
Cares for the material.
The optimum speed range is between 3,000 & 7,000 rpm.
Diameter: 125mm
Bore diameter: 22mm

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