125x0.8x22 C/O Disc XT8 Inox Exact Braintool®

by Rhodius
$3.83 excl GST

XT8 EXACT Cutt Off disc

• Precise cut without requiring excessive force
• Minimal burr formation means less rework
• Cool cut minimises tarnish colours and material distortion
The 0.8 mm cutting disc with ultra low-noise operation.
Produces a precise and nearly burr-free cut.

Especially for low power machines and battery powered angle grinders.
Its exceptional precise, clean and almost burr-free cut reduces reworking to almost zero.
Much harder and stronger than conventional cutting discs, its narrow cut also means that hardly any contact pressure is needed, making it noticeably easier work. Even extremely hard materials such as spring
steels,stainless steel sheets etc are easily cut by the 0.8mm thin disc.
Rust and acidproofed steels
High-alloyed steels
High tensile steels
High tensile metal sheets
Plastic laminated metal sheets

Diameter: 125mm
Bore diameter: 22mm
Thickness: 0.8mm


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