Rel-Saw Semi-Synthetic Bandsaw Fluid 5 Gallon Relton

by Relton
$235.15 excl GST
Brand Relton
Chemical Composition Petroleum distillates, hydrotreated heavy naphthenic; Diethylene glycol; Diisopropanolamine; Hexahydro-1,3,5- Tris(2-Hydroxyethyl)-s-Triazine; Triethanolamine; Ethanolamine; Hexylene glycol
Color Amber
Container Size 5 gal
Container Type Pail
Dilution Rating 30:1
Odor Slight
Package Quantity 45 Drum
pH Value 10 to 11
Physical Form Oily Liquid
Product Type Band-Saw Coolant
Solubility Insoluble
Specific Gravity 1.02 @ +70 °F
VOC 65.9 g/L
Improves blade life.
Stable over a wide variety of water conditions.
Promotes cleaner-running machines compared to soluble oils.
Reduces machine wear.
Long emulsion life.
Contains rust and corrosion inhibitors.
Fortified with boundary lubricants.
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