Re-Grip Non-Slip Paste 15ml No Slip Re-Grip Paste

by Recoil
$29.79 excl GST
Brand Recoil
Capacity 15 ml
For Use With Spanners; Sockets; Torque Wrenches; Pliers; Vise-Grips; Allen Keys; Power Tools
Product Type Non-Slip Paste

Fasteners are in use everywhere today. With of the most annoying and frustrating problems being the tool slipping when the fastener is deformed or extremely tight.
RE-GRIP provides a simple and effective solution to overcome slipping between fasteners and the tool used to remove or tighten it.
Especially useful when components have been deformed, damaged or seized. Under certain combinations of screw and screwdriver, the use of Re-Grip can increase the gripping torque by over 750%.
Regrip works with all type of screw heads i.e Slotted, Phillips, Torx, Socket head, Square etc.
Suitable for use with Spanners, Sockets, Torque Wrenches, Pliers, Vise-Grips, Allen keys, Power Tools etc.
Regrip is safe to use in all locations. It works instantly and simply, wipes clean when finished. It can be left on the tool head when you carry out multiple tasks.
Regrip is available in 15ml tubes

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