RAZORWELD Wide VIEW Automatic Welding Helmet RWX-5000

by Esseti
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Features: The RWX-5000 is a high quality advanced automatic welding helmet for all welding applications The RWX-5000 digital LCD display lens features four independent arc senors with solar powered cells and replaceable batteries The dark shade can be adjusted from shades 5-9 and 9-13 which makes it ideal for gas cutting, plasma cutting, low amp TIG operation and MIG welding Switching time from light to dark is approximately 0.0001 second Complete protection against UV/IR even in transparent conditions The UV/IR protection level is DIN15 all the time and the DIN standard approval guarantees maximum eye protection during welding RWX-5000 is a light weight and comfortable design offering excellent neck coverage and protection The unique shape design helps channel welding fumes away from the helmet and face area The front cover lens provided is manufactured of high polymer materials and is wear resistant and resistant to spatter sticking to it. All of which provides a long service life Specifications: Viewing Field: 100x600m Filter Dimensions: 114x133mm Light to Dark Speed: 1/10000 second Light Mode: Shade 4 Weld Mode: Variable Shade 5-9/9-13 Grind Mode: Yes UV/IR Protection: DIN15 Sensitivity Setting: Adjusts for varying ambient light Delay Control: 0.1-0.9 seconds Low Battery Indicator: 2-3 days remaining battery life Power Supply: Solar Cells with replaceable Lithium Ion batteries Sensors: 4x Independent photo sensors Operating Temperature: -10 to 65 degrees C Optical Classification: 1/2/1/1 Total Weight: 600g Standards: ANSI Z87.1/DIN/CE/CSA Warranty: 2 Years from date of purchase Includes: Wide view digital welding helmet Carry Bag Replacement outer lens 2x Replacement sweat bands Operation Manual
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