R220.96-0080-08-7A Square 6 Shoulder & Slot Milling Cutter

by Seco
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80mm Arbor Mount Cutter. 27mm Bore for Arbor Mount. Uses 7 x XNEX04 Inserts.

The Square 6 milling cutter is a reliable, cost effective solution for many milling operations. Six Key advantages of this revolutionary cutter milling cutter are :

· Lower cost per part · Lowest cost per edge · True 90° Walls · A high quality surface finish · Versatility

IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY. Three cutting edges on each side, six in total – the bottom line is lower cost per cutting edge. Using inserts that are periphery ground and have built in wipers, the result is a top quality surface finish. The 90° setting angle ensures a true 90° square in one milling operation, saving valuable production time. Square 6 also gives the same high performance on a wide range of materials, in several different operations and machining conditions, such as: · Facemilling · Contouring · Slotting by plunging · Plunging · Slotting · Square shoulder milling.

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