R217.69-2020.0-10-3A Turbo 10 Milling Cutter Uses XO.X10T3.. Insert

by Seco
$506.00 excl GST

20mm Dia Cutter with 20mm Cylindrical Shank. Uses 3 x XO.X10 Inserts.

Turbo10 is a new high performance cutting tool for square shoulder milling, with improved tool life and precision.
This is achieved through optimised cutting properties that reduce heat generation and cutting forces, and a new insert geometry that mills corner angles to 90 degrees.

Turbo10 is very flexible and suitable for most milling operations, including roughing, semi-finishing, finishing by slotting, contouring, helical interpolation and ramping. Available in diameters from 16mm to 100 mm and with inserts with 0.4 and 3.1mm corner radii available.

Turbo10 can have Cylindrical, Weldon or Combimaster Shanks. Also availbe with Arbor Mount.

Main benefits:
■Flexible and suitable for all kinds of milling applications
■Increased reliability
■Higher precision and tolerance on the parts machined
■The coated/hardened surface protects the tool from wear
■The coated/hardened surface prevents chips from welding on the cutter body
■90 degrees shoulder angle
■Versatile and flexible tool for most materials

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