Quatro MS Sealant Clear 300gm 8362 Ados

$24.86 excl GST
Excellent adhesion strength – To a wide range of substrates commonly used in the building, construction and engineering industries.
Waterproofs, bonds and seals – Wide variety of applications.
Paint compatibility – Cured product can be painted with most solvent and water based paints and varnishes.
Solvent-free, low VOC content, odourless – Environmentally and user friendly.
Durability – Will not crack, yellow or age in adverse weather conditions and UV exposure.
Highly flexible – Excellent mechanical properties over a wide temperature range for use in dilation joints. 
Non-slump – Suitable for vertical joints.
Interior and exterior use.
Extreme low shrinkage – Less than 1%, allows application in thick layers.
Non-bubbling – The surface stays smooth and intact.
Primerless one-component product – Convenient and time saving on construction sites.
Cures fast – For increased productivity.
Skins over in a short time – To resist dirt and dust pickup.
Easy handling – Can be extruded from cartridges with a low force even in low temperatures
Totally chemically neutral.
Good chemical resistance – To water, mild solvents, mineral oils, fat, low concentration an organic acids and bases.
Easy clean up – Just wipe up any excess uncured product with a wet cloth.
Use on most substrates – PVC, concrete, brick, timber, glass, aluminium, iron, steel, stainless steel, copper, ceramic, plywood, many of the newly developed materials for construction, fiberglass, various plastics.
Contains no solvents or isocyanates.
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