PDKT090530ER-FM M8310 Insert Pramet

by Pramet
$16.93 excl GST
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High positive geometry with a medium peripheral Chamfered edge with an insert corner radius of r 3 mm Suitable for machining material groups P and M, potentially for material groups K, N, and S Particularly suited to light and medium machining GRADE M8310 Fine-grained substrate with a higher content of bonding cobalt phase Thin MT-CVD coating with a unique Al2O3 layer Suitable for machining material group P, potentially also groups M and S Suited to medium to higher cutting speeds High strength and operational reliability Good wear resistance Can be used with dry machining; however, when the cutting conditions are ideal, coolant can also be used Range of cutting conditions: fz 0,50 2,50 [mm/tooth] ap 0,3 2,0 [mm]

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