PB Blaster Spray 12oz PB DG

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The world famous PB Blaster Penetrating Catalyst is more than just great.
PB quickly breaks loose surface tension rust and corrosion by creeping up, around and in to hard-to-reach cavities. It's ideal for brake, exhaust and suspension system jobs. Plus, lubricating film remains on parts to help prevent further rusting.
A true penetrant
Formulated in 1957
Rust inhibitor
Breaks loose surface tension of rust/frozen parts
Much higher flashpoint
Non-evaporating lubricant
Saves time & money by ensuring user will not have to burn off or drill out nuts & bolts or other expensive & time consuming means of repairs
So fast... capillary action helps B'laster PB work where others fail!
PB frees everything faster. Rust, corrosion, sticking, and squeaking problems are eliminated! PB also displaces moisture, and DOES NOT EVAPORATE. It remains on the surface as a lubricant and rust inhibitor

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