Gloves Maxiflex Palm Coated Small Size 7 NIMF1

by Armour
$9.38 excl GST
Maxiflex Ultimate gloves are the very latest in glove technology. They are designed for precision handling (they literally hug your hand) while providing Level 4 (out of 4) abrasion and tear resistance. If you are having trouble getting your team to wear gloves this is the glove you need.

The glove is made of a seamless nylon/lycra liner that stretches to fit the hand perfectly to maximise comfort, dexterity and flexibility. This glove actually breathes - using a technology called Airtech that enables 360 degree breathability thereby keeping hands cool & dry. The liner is also Sanitised for antimicobial protection to prevent the gloves becoming smelly or clammy like the old leather gloves. The glove then has a foam nitrile/polyurethane coating applied to give superior protection and excellent grip. The coating can either be for a whole glove (for complete protection) or just the palm and fingers (preferable as it allows the glove to breathe better if minimal protection is required for the back of the hand). The coating is water resistant and nitrile is the best coating for withstanding chemicals (especially petrochemicals), acids, alkalis, solvents, thinners, stong detergents etc.

Sizes:- S - XL
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