by Rico
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Manual/Pneumatic Fluid Extractor
This innovative design enables manual or pneumatic oil extracting.
This is the ideal tool to extract oil / lubricants from engines and machinery either using compressed air or manually Now you can change the oil, simply and quickly with the Fluid Extractor Kit.
The Self-priming pump extracts up to 4-litres of oil and fluids by creating a vacuum in the unit.
Place withdrawal probe in dipstick tube and begin pumping. When unit is filled to capacity internal float shuts off preventing overfilling. Pressure relief valve allows handle to return to carrying position for ease of
Pouring spout allows for clean transfer at a proper disposal facility making recycling easy.
Kit includes: three sizes of extraction hoses, pump housing and hose adapter that connects to marine engine oil dipstick tubes.
One man, fast, clean and easy operating.
Perfect for clean and quick oil changes or lubricating oils in motor vehicles, motorbikes, marine engines, large or small industrial machinery.
Ideal for those hard to reach areas, and countless other fluid removal applications. The unit contains a vacuum fluid extractor & bleeding hose. NB. Not for use with gasoline or diesel fuels.

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