LPS TRI-FREE Brake Cleaner L03620 312gm DG

by LPS
$25.37 excl GST

TriFree Brake Cleaner is a heavy-duty, solvent alternative to chlorinated solvents that removes brake fluid, oil, and grease. With its high solvency and powerful jet spray, TriFree leaves brakes easier to service and improves brake performance. TriFree can be applied without disassembling the brake unit, and it leaves no residue for faster brake maintenance.
TriFree does not contain perchloroethylene or methylene chloride.
TriFree is compliant to California V.O.C. regulations. TriFree is extremely flammable, so it should not be used on equipment in operation, and equipment should be allowed to dry completely before it is restarted.
TriFree is fast drying, so equipment downtime, is
Instantly removes brake fluid, grease and oil
Improves brake performance
Helps stop disc brake squeal
Powerful jet spray and high solvency
Can be applied without disassembling the brake unit No ozone depleting chemicals
NZFSA Approved C12
Fast evaporating
Does not contain chlorinated solvents
No rinsing
No residue

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