Loctite 290-10 Super Wick-In 10ml

by Loctite
excl GST
Applications Threadlocking; Bolts on Alternators; Air Conditioning Belts and Distributor Clamps; Carburetor Adjustment Screws; Hairline Cracks
Brand Loctite
Chemical Composition Dimethacrylate Ester
Coefficient Thermal Expansion 80 x 10^-6 K^-1
CoefficientThermalConductivity 0.1 W/m.K
Color Green
Container Size 10 ml
Fluorescence Positive Under UV Light
Physical Form Liquid
Product Type Threadlocker
Series/List 290
Specific Gravity 1.08 @ +25°C
Specific Heat 0.3 kJ
Viscosity 20 to 55 mPa

LOCTITE 290 Wicking Grade MIL-SPEC Medium-High Strength Green Threadlocker is a medium strength wicking
threadlocker for pre-assembled bolts.
Penetrates threads by capillary action.
Secures set screws and other assemblies after settings are completed.
Seals welds and porous metal parts.
Mil Spec: Mil-S-46163A Type III, Grade R. NSF/ANSI 61 Certified.
Applications include instrumentation screws, electrical connectors and set screws and also seals porosities in welds and metal parts.
Max. thread size: Up to M6
Service temperature range: -55 to +150 degrees C
Breakaway torque: 10 Nm

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