Loctite 263-50 Super Stud Lock 50ml (Supercedes 262-50 )

by Loctite
$66.65 excl GST
Applications Threadlocking
Brand Loctite
Chemical Composition Dimethacrylate Ester
Color Red
Container Size 50 ml
Fluorescence Positive Under UV Light
Physical Form Liquid
Product Type Threadlocker
Series/List 263
Specific Gravity 1.1 @ +25°C
Viscosity 400 to 600 mPa
LOCTITE 263 High Strength Threadlocker is a Versatile, high strength liquid threadlocker.
Reliably locks and seals metal fasteners up to 1 in. Engineered to cure consistently on a variety of metals, despite minor surface contaminants. Works on steel, stainless steel and most plated fasteners.
Tolerates thread lubrication, corrosion protection
Rated for 360 degrees F (180 degrees C). Heat required for removal.
Break torque: 23N.m
Supersedes 262
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