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Lanox-MX4 Grease is a non-toxic, Food Grade Approved Lanolin grease.
It is made from a pure high technical grade anhydrous lanolin, food grade approved additives and anti-oxidants. It has been especially designed to remain pliable at very low temperatures with the right amount of gripping
tackiness (non-fling) to hang on and still have
flexibility for the user.
Lanox-MX4 Grease is waterproof, non-conductive and safe to use on all surfaces.
It is highly suitable for anti-corrosion, rust proofing and anti-fouling coatings for all metals used in
Automotive, Aviation, Commercial, Construction,
Earthmoving, Farming, Industrial, Marine, Mining and Transport applications.
Waterproofs and protects leather.
Preserves timber from water, cracking and dry rot. (Do not use on green timber).
Anti-seize for bolts, nuts and threaded rod.
Stops electrolysis between dissimilar metals.
Lanox-MX4 Grease is Non-carcinogenic, bio-degradable, highly resistant to salt and acid corrosion, provides lasting protection.
Lanox-MX4 Grease is environmentally and user friendly, looks like creamed honey and has no lanolin odour

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