Bit Holder Magnetic 1/4 x 75mm T93718S

by Irwin
$7.25 excl GST

Irwin Bit Holder Magneticnetic 1/4 x 75mm T93718S WHIRLPOWER BITS "Whirlpower your driving force" Whirlpower driver bits come in many designs and sizes, and you need to select the right design and size for your application. Screwdriver bits are exposed to continuous strain during the fastening process. Depending on the fastening application, maximum wear resistance and highest elasticity are key items. Whirlpower offers an assortment of high quality bits for all screw applications. Our Whirlpower driver bits cover a comprehensive range: * Phillips, * Pozi, * Slotted, * Square, * Torx, * Nut setters, * Magneticnetic Holders and * Magneticnetic Screwdriver Holders. Driver bits sold as individuals or take advantage of our “10 piece Pack” option. Tech Tip: “Driver Bit Sizes – Screws are designed so that the driver bit fits snugly in the recess. If they don’t, you are probably using the wrong driver bit.”

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