Insize 200mm/8" Digital Caliper

by Insize
$97.37 excl GST
Accuracy ±0.03 µm
Applications Outside and Inside Measurement
Battery Type CR2032
Brand Insize
Data Output Yes
Display Type Digital
Functions On/Off; Zero; inch/mm
Material Stainless Steel
Measurement Range 0 to 200 mm; 0 to 8"
Measurement System Imperial; Metric
Overall Height 90 mm
Overall Length 286 mm
Product Type Digital Caliper
Resolution 0.01 mm; 0.0005"
Series/List 1108
Standards Met DIN 862
>Resolution : 0.01mm/0.0005"
Buttons : on/off, zero, mm/inch
Battery : CR2032
Overall length : 286mm
Automatic power off, move the digital unit to turn on power
High moving speed is allowed
USB data output meets DIN862
Made of stainless steel
Optional accessory : SPC cable 



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