0-150mm Depth Micrometer Insize 3241-150

by Insize
$228.12 excl GST
Accuracy ±(2+L/75) µm
Brand Insize
Diameter 18 mm
Graduation 0.01 mm
Measurement Range 0 to 150 mm
Measurement System Metric
Number of Rods 6
Overall Height 101.5 mm (Base)
Overall Width 17 mm (Base)
Product Type Depth Micrometer
Series/List 3241
Standards Met DIN 863-2
6 Pieces
Graduation: 0.01mm
Micrometer Head Accuracy: +/-3µm
Rod accuracy: +/-(2+L/75)µm, L is the measuring range in mm.
Rods with flat end.
Ratchet Stop Base: 101.5mm x 17mm
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