Inox MX6 Rubber Grease With PTFE -30C-250C 250gm Tub FGA

by Inox
$49.25 excl GST

Food Grade Machinery Grease
INOX-mx6 is a fully synthetic Extreme Pressure grease formulated to give premium performance and food grade purity.
This grease is composed entirely of ingredients which meet the requirements of section 178.3570 of the US FDA
regulations and have been cleared for use within
registered establishments by the US Department of
Agriculture and will not deleteriously affect meat or meat products.
INOX MX6 is a smooth light brown grease made from
polyalphaolafins and a special bentone thickner. It contains additives to protect against corrosion and oxidation. It has a temperature range of -30 C to an extremely high temperature (HAS NO MELTING POINT). It will operate non stop to 250 C all day with short bursts up to 300 C without breaking down.
INOX MX6 is safe on rubber, and is ideally suitable for all plumbing O-rings & seals, Food machinery O-rings & seals, Pneumatic control valve O-rings & seals, Diving gear O-rings & seals, anywhere rubber or synthetic O-rings and seals are used.
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a premium grade
anti-friction medium which gives increased lubrication ability between the contact surfaces. This reduced
friction environment also lowers operating temperatures and extends life
Approved C15 (All animal product except diary)

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