1" AC Brushless Impact Wrench WR25SE(G1Z) HiKOKI

$1,456.13 excl GST
High Tension Bolt 22 - 24 mm
Capacity Bolt 22 - 30 mm
Full Load Impact Rate 1,500/min
Length 340 mm
Model WR25SE(G1Z)
No-load speed (FWD) 1,100/min
Power Input 800W
Tightening Torque 1,000Nm (8,850in.-lbs.)
Weight 7.7kg
Industry first high performance 900W Brushless motor – providing smaller more lightweight tool – only 7.7kg.
Unique maintenance-free brushless motor provides significantly longer life.
No carbon brush replacement required.
None of the traditional problems from conventional brushed commutator motors.
Stable performance under voltage drop situations.
Unlike conventional electric impact wrenches, output torque isn’t affected as much by voltage drops from long extension leads on site. Example: 100mm extension load, 2.0mm² conductor. Performance of conventional models drop by approximately 21%, new HiKOKI brushless models decrease by just 7%.
Stable performance when used with generators HiKOKI’s brushless design operates consistently and without the traditional problems cause by generator use. Requires suitably sized generator output.
High performance 1000Nm tightening torque.
Aluminium housing body (AHB) provides a super strong aluminium die-cast body with internal double-insulation making the housing more rigid, significantly enhancing durability of the motor unit.
Front and rear rubber bumpers to protect tool and work material rocker switch provides quick switching between forward and reverse
Model # WR25SE(G1Z)
Capacity Bolt High Tension bolt 22 - 30mm 22 - 24mm
Drive 1" (25.4mm) square
Power Input 800W
Tightening Torque 1,000Nm (8,850in.-lbs.)
No-load speed (FWD) 1,100/min
Full Load Impact Rate 1,500/min
Weight 7.7kg
Side handle carry case (Supplied without pictured socket)

From October 2018, Hitachi has changed to HiKOKI. Backed by 70 years of credible Japanese design, reliability, quality and innovation as Hitachi Power Tools, HiKOKI is the new brand firmly focussed on delivering unseen levels of high-performance and reliability.
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