3/8" Rotacut SPOT WELD Cutter C/W 3/8" Arbor 11200C

by Hougen
$47.73 excl GST

The fast, easy way to remove spot welds in car restoration or auto body repair work.

Hougen Spotweld Cutters are the Professional's choice for removing spot welds. Removing spotwelds is easier than ever. Hougen spotweld cutters remove spotwelds by cutting around the spot weld and leaving the underlying panel undamaged, the damaged panel can quickly be taken off. The panel can be repaired and welded back on or a new panel be put back on using the spotweld cutters to make plug holes for welding. So, whether you work in a high-end collision shop or in your garage restoring your dream machine, Hougen Spotweld Cutters will make life easier.

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