GROOVING Insert Set 1.1-2.15mm 5x 16ER INT 5x 16NR EXT Pramet

by Pramet
$199.50 excl GST

Contains 10 PRAMET Grooving Inserts for Internal and External Grooving from 1.10mm up to 2.15mm.

Set Contains 1 of each of the following:

TN 16ER110ZZ T8330

TN 16ER130ZZ T8330

TN 16ER160ZZ T8330

TN 16ER185ZZ T8330

TN 16ER215ZZ T8330

TN 16NR110ZZ T8330

TN 16NR130ZZ T8330

TN 16NR160ZZ T8330

TN 16NR185ZZ T8330

TN 16NR215ZZ T8330

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