Grooving And Parting Off – Cutting Inserts GX16-2E300N020-CF6 WSM33

by Walter
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chip breaker CF6
corner count 2
Corner radius (r) 0,2 mm
cutting depth maximum 15
Cutting edge length (l) 16,6 mm
cutting sides 1
Cutting width upper tolerance ±0,05 mm
Feed per revolution (f) 0,04 - 0,2 mm
hand (hand) N
insert interface 04 16
Insert width 3 mm
tool cutting edge angle 90
Tool designation GX16-2E300N020-CF6 WSM33
Upper length tolerance ±0,15 mm
Grooving and parting off – cutting inserts GX16-2E300N020-CF6 WSM33
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