Galvseal Cartridge 310gm 8337 DG

by CRC
$18.63 excl GST

Features & Benefits

General purpose adhesive sealant for interior and
exterior use

Dries very quickly within 10 minutes, ideal for use as an in-process product for metal processes

Superior non-flexible bond


Resistant to grease, oil and most solvents

Resistant to abrasion and harsh temperatures

Ideal for permanent repairs

Bridges gaps up to 8mm

Can be used as a one-way stick adhesive

May be painted over after 4 hours


Plumbing & Roofing – Sealing sheet metal (including aluminum), lap joints in roofing, flashings, ridge caps, storage tanks and gutters, sealing and bonding prickle caps and covering nail and rivet heads, seams and joints in air conditioning and exhaust flues

Window Fabrication – As a backseal in the fabrication of aluminium window joinery

Construction – Sealing screw heads and bonding carpet grippers

Automotive – Sealing around inspection panels, in
caravan and trailer flooring, firewalls and around the boot, temporary repairs for radiator, petrol tanks and exhaust systems, body seam filling

General – Temporary repair for rust holes in guttering and roofing, bonding metal, acrylic timber, etc to other surfaces which may not be smooth and bonding wood to concrete

ADOS Galvseal bonds to a wide range of substrates – Metal, wood, ceramic tiles, stone, concrete, acrylic timber, roofing, some plastics and bonds metal to wood

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