GA50 Anti Scuffing Paste 500gm P501066

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An assembly compound containing 50% of molybdenum
disulphide in a lithium based grease used as an anti-seize and anti-scuffing compound for metal parts which may reach temperatures up to 400øC.
It has excellent anti-seize capabilities compared to nickel and copper based anti-seize compounds and is extremely effective in preventing fretting corrosion in closely fitted parts assembled using freezing or heating techniques.
It can be used for mechanisms which may not be lubricated during service life.
Areas of Application:

Heavily loaded slides or plain bearings
• Splines
• Door Hinges
• Roller door gear drives
Features & Benefits:

Extremely high load capacity

Meets DEF 2304 Specification

Meets Defence Standard 80-81/1, designation ZX38

Excellent anti-seize properties, suitable for use up to 400øC

Temperature range -10øC to 150øC

Does not contain copper, nickel, aluminium or graphite

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