Fastener Black Book 248 Pages Contains A Wealth Of Up-To-Date Useful Information

by Sutton
$113.17 excl GST
Fastener Black Book contains a wealth of up-to-date, useful, information within over 240 matt laminated grease proof pages.
It is ideal for engineers, trades people, apprentices, machine shops, tool rooms and technical colleges.
Pocket sized format makes this book an ideal reference in any tool kit Lay flat format with wire binding for ease of use on workbench
Matt laminated grease-proof pages
248 Pages of:
Screw thread fundamentals
Standards Heat treatment
Thread classes Grades
Materials & coatings
Failures & corrosion
Thread terminology
Tolerances Fastener strengths & markings
Hydrogen embrittlement
Screw thread profiles
Dimensional Specifications DIN / ISO / ANSI
Material selection
Torque control
Elevated temperature effects
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