Spanner DRE Offset 10 x 11mm Facom 55A.10x11

by Facom
$28.78 excl GST

Facom Spanner Dre Offset 10 x 11mm FACOM RING WRENCHES FACOM SERIES 55A OGV PROFILE RING WRENCHES HIGHER TORQUE: Increased Durability. Reduced Socket-Fastener wear with 12-Point OGV Ring. FACOM OGV PROFILE: The OGV profile is achieved by a succession of curves instead of flats found in conventional sockets. MORE POWERFUL TIGHTENING: Larger contact area between socket and the fastener minimises stress. LESS WEAR: Torque is transmitted through the fastener flats instead of the corners. INCREASED DURABILITY: Stress concentration in the corners is eliminated.

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