Ratchet 1/2dr x 238mm Protect Facom SL.161 Was SM.161A

by Facom
$107.17 excl GST
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SM.161A Precision and High Durability Ratchet

The SM.161A ratchets are ideal for use in difficult working conditions, from precision mechanical work to general and heavy-duty maintenance.

Their mechanism is protected by a Double step dust
preventing seal.

Strong & Highly Durable

* Dust proof

* Maintenance Free

* Endurance like cycle tested in dust and metallic

Compact & Precise

* 72 tooth mechanism: 5deg increments

* Ultra-compact head

Ergonomic & Safe

* Recessed change lever with rotation visualisation
* Palm control system for (un)tightening without any risk of accidental reversal

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