MOD.A1 MOD 8 S/Drivers Facom

by Facom
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Slotted and Phillips screwdriver set in Formed Module. Facom's Tool Module system offers a great form of tool control.
Individual compartments for each tool allow efficient storage and a quick check on tool availability.
Ergonomic handle with Strong, Comfortable Grip - 5 handle sizes to suit the tip size.
Handle is resistant to most chemical abrasives.
Accurate black-tipped blade - black tip means no risk of flaking and improved accuracy.
Powerful carbon silicon steel blade - very strong with excellent resistance to bending
Color coded - for easy identification of all Protwist screwdrivers (Red=slotted and Yellow=Phillips in this set) Tool storage organised in the drawers.
Thermo-formed pressed polystyrene module.

Contents of set; AN3X75 - AN3,5X100 - AN4X100 - AN5,5X125 - AWH6,5X150 - AWH8X175 - ANP1X100 - ANP2X125

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