BS.T20PB PROBAG Soft Tool BAG Facom HD DESIGN 490x220x350mm

by Facom
$172.54 excl GST

Large size fabric tool box 20".
Strength and comfort:
High strength polyester fabric 1200 x 1200 deniers. Rigid and waterproof polypropylene bin.
Aluminum handle with leather grip.
Shoulder strap with reinforcement cushion on shoulder level. Stainless metal strap fastening hooks.
Closed by flexible cover - built-in kangaroo pocket to store the cover.
Handy storage:
Vertical storage for instant access to tools.
Elastic tool holding strap.
Side rack for screwdrivers and drift punches.
Many side pockets.
Saw compartment adjustable by self-adhesive tape.
High storage capacity: 47 litres.
High storage capacity: 15 kg.
Overall dimensions (L x W x H): 52 x 25 x 36 cm.

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