Screwdriver Set Torx T8 Resistorx TX10 TX15 TX20 TX25 TX27 TX30 Facom ANXR.J7PB

by Facom
excl GST

This 7-piece PROTWIST screwdriver set from Facom is manufactured to a very high standard with precision machined tips for the best fit on any fastener type, while the hardened and tempered blades offer optimum strength and endurance.
Professional, high quality screwdrivers
Best fit for any fastener type
Colour coded handles - fast tip recognition
Soft, comfortable grip
Silicon carbon blades - easy to clean
Resistant to workshop chemicals and solvent
Set contains:
Torx T8 x 50mm
Resistorx TX10 x 75mm, TX15 x 75mm, TX20 x 100mm, TX25 x 100mm, TX27 x 100mm; TX30 x 125mm

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